Argentina’s Ambitious New Security Plan shows Real Promise-

Argentina’s Ambitious New Security Plan shows Real Promise-



JERRY BREWER PRODUCTIONS- Direction, Creative Consulting, Screenwriting/ Screenplays/ related film/ and related literary projects- creative consultant, direction, expert consultant, indie film, feature film, documentary film, biography film… Over 30 years of professional management/leadership experience in the field of CRIMINAL JUSTICE; both within government and private sectors. Fifteen (15) years as CHIEF OF POLICE- three (3) states. U.S. CONGRESSIONAL AND STATE SENATE AND HOUSE honors. U.S. Government- trained COUNTERTERRORISM EXPERT and practitioner, with extensive service to Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative. Bilingual fluency- SPANISH- non native. PUBLISHED AUTHOR- intelligence/counterterrorism; and International operational security topics. Law enforcement administration/senior leadership; major-case investigative management/ death/ homicide/ cold case/ serial; Multi-state COURT CERTIFIED EXPERT WITNESS on complex issues; Speaker; trainer; consultant. International COLUMNIST on world security and terrorism issues; Intelligence, as well as other criminal justice concerns and related world news events. website: email: and TWITTER: CJIAUSA

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