SNOWDEN and ASSANGE: Parties to Subverting Nations

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To those of the naiveté persuasion who believe that Edward Joseph Snowden [30] is a hero for
democracy and/or world freedom as a whistleblower, Latin America is simply one region of the globe
that is experiencing the sour and bitter notes of his whistle playing, while he has taken up a convenient
place of residence in Russia.
Let us not forget a fellow player of this rogue “orchestra” of oratorical disharmony, one Julian Paul
Assange [42]. Since June 19, 2012 Assange has resided cozily in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London,
where he has been granted diplomatic asylum.
Assange initially started with WikiLeaks in 2006, and subsequently began to publish US military and
diplomatic documents that exposed secrets, sources and methods.
What do Snowden and Assange share in common, and who has facilitated their agendas and exploited
their operational acts?
The dark and shadowy specter of espionage, with its many tentacles of manipulation and world players,
are indeed suspect in a myriad of applications.
As the exploits of Snowden and Assange alone seem to primarily focus on the US, they are joined by
leftwing rogue nation leaders and their own devious security services who point their crooked fingers at
democracy — spy versus spy is alive and well in virtually every corner of the world, and it will remain
quite possibly until the end of time. READ FULL ARTICLE: … #ScribdDocs 



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